The line is among the most elemental marks in art. It often serves as an artist’s starting point, the gesture that begins their process of altering the blank support before them with imagery. But for contemporary artists Patrick Carrara andInger Johanne Grytting, the line is not only the building block but is the focus of their works, as well as the vehicle through which they express their innermost states and explore their relationship to the larger world. This fall, Muriel Guépin Gallery brings together their new works in “Patrick Carrara and Inger Johanne Grytting,” an exhibition that encourages viewers to look at—and beyond—the line.



In Patrick Cararra’s art the line is truly always moving and directional but has no beginning or end. For Carrara, a conceptual approach evolves into a series of artistic abstractions or finished ‘artworks’ that are coherent variations on a theme.


ARTNEWS, February 2015, New York reviews: by Stefanie Waldeck.